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Live Your Dreams… Ad

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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by -Dogma, which is living the result of other peoples thinking, Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else, is secondary.

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People like to think that the opposite of fear is courage, when in fact the opposite of fear is faith. When you have faith to overcome your fears, you realize you had courage all along.” – Unknown

When you believe, you would come to realize that “nothing is impossible”.

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I Love You


“I just hate you! Don’t you get it? Just leave me alone” those were her words to Daniel, Daniel had always wanted a relationship with her. He would stalk her then send all her friends to her, just to make her see how much he loves her but she would not go out with him. Those words went down to his spine but why would she hate him? He kept wondering. She wouldn’t stop shouting at him “Are you deaf or seriously drunk? I said leave my house now!” like a little boy whose mum forgot her birthday, with his eyes so red and close to tears, he turned around and left. She hissed and continued to watch the movie.

Her friend, Esther, walked up to her and sat beside her. With a soft voice, she said, “What is it with you and men?” But she shouted at her Esther too “I just need some peace!” she hissed and continued with her movie.


Esther looked into her eyes with love and affection then said, “We have been friends for so long and yet I don’t really understand you. You keep sending every guy away, Susan! Please talk to me. This is our final year in the university, you should be in a relationship by now”. (Susan and Esther have been friends and roommates from their first year in the university).

Susan looked at Esther with tears in her eyes and said “You will never understand, just let me be” Esther sensed she was hurt but since she didn’t want to bother her, she deiced to change the topic…“So are you still going for the super lady’s programme tomorrow?” Susan just wanted to be alone but she knew Esther will never take NO for an answer, she then replied “If it will make you leave me alone, ‘yes’ I will go”. With a big smile on her face, Esther gave her a hug and told her, she was going to see her boyfriend. She went to get dressed and left the room.

The super lady programme was really getting interesting has the organizers had invited top dancers and musicians to entertain the audience, Esther was glad her roommate was enjoying the programme as she could see her smile and scream. Just an hour after the programme had started, the guest speaker was invited to speak. She was a relationship expert and she spoke for 45 mins on the topic “It’s Time to let go”. She used her story to challenge them, “how she was hurt by men so many times and how it was until she let go of her hatred that she found peace and met her husband with whom she is happily married”.

It was during the speech Esther noticed Susan was crying, she gave her handkerchief and placed her hand gently on hers. The speaker told them she is available for private counselling anytime, she dropped her number and left.

Immediately she left, Susan stood up, Esther was scared, so she followed her wanting to know if she was okay. Susan followed the speaker, who was about to enter her car, Susan’s eyes filled with tears, she said in a soft but shaky voice “Ma, may I talk to you now?” The woman looked at her with a deep sense of love, she said “My dear, I have another engagement right now but you can give me a call, I will find time for you tomorrow”.  She gave Susan a big hug and told her “Please give me a call”. Susan felt relieved thanked her and left. Waiting for her was Esther who gave her another hug and said “I love you, everything is going to be alright”. They went inside to pack their bags and left for their house”

Susan could not wait for the day to break, so she could call the woman. The wait finally ended, she called the woman and she gave her the time and the venue. Susan kept her appointment with the woman. She went with her best friend, Esther.

Susan told the woman how hurt she was, Esther held her tightly and the woman listened with keen interest. She told them the story of how she was raped by her favorite uncle when she was just 10years she tried to tell her parents but they were too busy to understand her and couple with the fact that the uncle told her, she would die if she tells anyone.

When she was 14 her childhood friend (Bob-cool and pleasant boy) also forced himself on her but the humiliation and previous experience with her uncle won’t let her tell anyone. At that point she vowed not to have anything to do with boys again, until she met Philip. 

She met Philip in her first year. He swept her feet away with his charming and caring nature. She told him her story and he, in turn, promised her, he will be there always for her. He promised a no-sex relationship till marriage. One faithful day, she went to hang out with Phillip and met some of Philip’s friends there. In the merriment, she was drugged and she slept off. When she woke up, she realized, she has been defiled. She felt shattered, not only because Philip had failed her, like all the other men in her life, but because she wasn’t even sure how many of them had sex with her.


She rushed back to her hostel, she could not tell anyone not even Esther what had happened because she felt used at the same time guilty of trusting, just like it happened before, no one would ever understand. Then She vowed from that day on not to trust any man again nor fall victim of another man’s charm and sweet words.
The speaker walked to her side and held her hands, she then told her “Sweetie, you have to let go, you are hurting and it’s affecting you. I know it’s never going to be easy but the past draws us back from the future. If you don’t let go of the past you will never embrace and see the beautiful things the future has for you.  Susan you need to stop hating yourself and move on! These men are not everybody, don’t allow them make you miss the wonderful people ahead. Susan stop holding on to past, you need to let go!”

Susan wept loudly and said” Ma, I am really trying but I’m hurt”, Esther held her and wiped her tears with handkerchief. Deep within, Esther was feeling so bad, she could still that remember that day in 100 level when Susan came back very late in the night looking so disoriented and uncoordinated, she tried finding out but Susan would not talk and as their usual practice she let her be…”only if she knew, she would have kept pressing till she tells her the whole story.” By now Esther was also in tears


The speaker held her hands again and told her “These men have moved on but you are the one still hurt, you really need to help yourself, smile again. You deserve to be happy! Nobody knows how you feel and nobody understands what you are going through but allow yourself to be healed. Let the past go with the past, you need to welcome a new life. It is never going to be easy but I assure you it is worth it” After a talk of about one hour Susan felt relieved, she promised to let it all go and the woman promised to be in touch with her.

When they got home Esther apologized for being there when she needed her the most and for not truly understanding her but Susan apologized too for not being open minded to her.
It took Susan time but she has decided to start seeing the brighter side life has to offer and with Dr. Thompson by her side, checking up on her and making her feel loved, she finally let go and gave love another chance. She gave Daniel a try and she never regretted it.

1. You never get rid of bad experience by shutting yourself in and everyone else out
2. The past draws us back from the future. If you must move on, you must shed the excess weight of your past.
3. Most people who hurt you can’t even remember. If you do not let go of the hate, you would only be hurting yourself more.
4. Because friends say they are fine doesn’t really mean they are fine. Often times they just need someone to press a little harder and show a little more concern.
5. For every bad person there is a good person. People are different don’t judge everyone with the sin of few people.
6. A problem shared is a burden lifted. If it is more than you can handle find someone to talk to, if not a family, then a friend, if not a colleague then a professional.
7. You are in control of your happiness; not another man nor another woman, not an experience nor bad breaks, not the good things you have nor the things you lack.

Finally, a lot of times as humans we are hurt by the people we love and trust the most but if we refuse to forgive and let go, we are the ones hurting. The future will never come around if you still hold on to the past. It’s never going to be easy but eventually it is going to be worth it.

Daphne Rose kingma said “Holding on is believing that there is only a past; letting go is a knowing that there is a future”

It’s time for you to let go of the hurts and the pain, and welcome the future. God Bless You

Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome

Broke Can’t Be Happy

The ultimate goal of every individual is happiness, though definition of happiness may differ from one person to another. However, as far as I know, one of the factors that can hinder happiness is being broke. I have heard few people say their happiness is not dependent on availability of money and I agree with them. Availability of money doesn’t necessarily mean happiness but when you are Broke (absolute lack of money to meet immediate needs), no matter how religious, contented or hopeful you are, it is hard to be Happy.

I am not about to tell you how you are going to get rich overnight, neither is this a get rich quick scheme nor means of evoking the spirit of money. However, I believe that if you can work based on the factors I am about to point out in your life, things will turn around for the best.


Here are 7 reasons why you are broke almost all the time.

1. You have too much idle time
You have too much idle time on your hands. Your time is not well invested in productive activities. You sleep all day, hang out with friends, hang around cybercafes, stay online without real business there, you are the official mascot of the newspaper stand etc…these are time killers. You should realize that every second is valuable, some people get value for them and you should do same too.

2. You are scared of trying something new
Fear is the culprit of many troubles we go through, little wonder the book of life kept saying “fear not”. If you do not act, you can not actualize, no shortcuts. Waiting for a perfect time is just a perfect excuse to be a perfect nothing. I have read through people’s success stories and I have not found anyone successful with a perfect start. You want to stay in your comfort zone, where you and I know nothing works because you are scared of failing. If you see where you are as your ground zero, you will realize you can’t fall further than that.

3. You think everyone else is responsible for your predicament but you.
Everyone is responsible but you; your father, your mother,  your friends, siblings, employer…everybody but you. I use to blame too, until I realized it was robbing me off improvement; places I ought to improve, I kept thinking someone else should be responsible. Even when it is obvious that others contributed to the failure, your focus should be YOU; “what could you have done differently?”. Responsibility is credibility, without assuming responsibility, it is hard to be in credit.

4. You are busy waiting for opportunity
Opportunity they say comes but ones… though this axiom has been faulted on several occasions but the reality remains opportunities are scarce resources with numerous suitors. If you keep waiting for it, you might grow old without a knock on your door. Our life is an open door and when you’re not alert opportunity will “coming and go out” without you knowing but when you are all out for possible opportunities, you can’t miss it. “You don’t wait till the iron gets hot before you strike it, you keep striking till the iron gets hot.”

5. You haven’t learned to separate need from want.
When you are not financially disciplined, it is hard not to be broke. We have needs and we have wants…you need water but you want alcohol, one is readily available and affordable while the other is a distance away and yet expensive… Your decision is the difference between being broke and being bloom. Apply this concept to all other choices you make on daily basis, ask questions like; do I really need this? does my survival depend on this?  No doubt want to someone might be a need to another. To a student having a car is a want but to a commercial driver it is a need. So you need to know where each item fits in your own life.

6. You do not re-invest
You are expected to re-investing at least 10% of your income … Salary, profit, gift, allowances etc, but you do not re-invest. Life is in seasons…planting and harvesting seasons, for instance. If you do not plant, I need not tell you there won’t be anything to harvest. Planting includes saving for rainy day, investing to have other streams of income, giving to people and giving to satisfy your religious convictions. When you fail in the act of planting, the act of harvesting will fail you and being broke becomes inevitable.

7. You don’t believe in yourself.
You are not convinced you can do anything good. All the first six reasons boil down to this, if you do not believe in yourself, you can’t even make efforts to make things right. If you are a pessimist, if you don’t have hope, if you don’t believe you can be productive, if you don’t believe you can make it, If you can’t have faith in yourself then hardly can anything work. You have to overcome this before you can embark on making things right with your finances and your life.

I know you are probably thinking of a shortcut or something that won’t work you that much; like winning a jackpot, lottery or getting free huge sum but here is the bitter truth, even if you hit the jackpot without fixing yourself and aligning with these 7 reasons, you will eventually break the pot and go back to being broke.


I believe in you and I am sure many others do too, don’t let us down!

My Mother My Irreplaceable

You gave me life, the first smile I opened my little eyes to see
Your tender hands, the comfy back that put me to sleep
The epitome of selfless love and unconditional care and attention
My strength, my protector when I was vulnerable and careless
My definition of right when all choices seem to be the same
My mother, my irreplaceable.

Days of weakness , nights of sickness and cries that wouldn’t let her rest
Moment of bad choices that brought shame to bear
“You will not kill me”, she said but she would not leave me
“You will not kill yourself”, she screams but that she wouldn’t allow
A preacher that wouldn’t stop, a provider that doesn’t hold back
A light in my darkest moments, a path when all seems pert
You never gave up on me, my irreplaceable.

You taught me all I need to know and let me learn through my lows
You gave your all not because you had enough but you had my love
I can never appreciate you enough, because your life you gave
I am a living testimony to how good you’re
Never can my words express what my heart feels at your thoughts
My irreplaceable, my treasure, my mother.


My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.- Mark Twain

A mother is the truest friend we have , when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine , desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness , and cause peace to return to our hearts . – Washington Irving

Each time I look at myself and what I have become, all I say in my heart is “Mama, thank you for not giving up on me” – Unknown

Dedicated to Late Mrs. Bolajoko Olayemi Abosede.


“Dreams come true” is a popular saying but that is hard to believe especially if you are from a Third World country with a humble background. Nothing seems to work and everything seems more of supernatural than it ought to be. Uncles, brothers, nieces and neighbors all telling, mostly, tales of woes that spurns nothing but hopelessness and desire to give up even before you give it a try. Dreams seem more of a luxury that only the rich and affluent can afford.  If you are like me then you must also find it hard to believe dreams do come true.


A richman (Mr John) with humble beginning once shared his story with me and I will like to share same with you, an evidence that dream is a gift from God to everyone (rich or poor) to help us model our lives to fulfill purpose.
John came from a humble background. His parents were so poor they could barely afford two meal a day. His father, Mr Andrew Obi was a farmer while his mother, Mrs Mary Obi was a petty trader. Despite their low life, they struggled to send John and his younger sister, Deborah to good schools. They believed giving their children good and qualitative education would give them a much better and admirable life in the near future. This is the belief of every parent in the part of the world where I came from, Nigeria.

John was an average student. He studied hard to pass his exams and ensures he gets promoted every year. He could not afford to disappoint  his parents who go the extra miles to ensure he gets good education. Even as a little boy, John had a dream to become great in life. John believes he is a ticket to liberating his family and changing the course of his family history.
As John grew, life started happening. He got admitted into a university to study biochemistry. While in his sophomore, he lost his father to road accident. Mr Andrew had just harvested few crops from his farm. As he usually does, he gathered his harvest and tied them to his bicycle and headed to the market. On his way, Mr Andrew got knocked down by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver, he died on the spot. John wept bitterly and silently prayed for the world to crumble but unfortunately for him, the world wouldn’t. 

Due to the upheaval caused by the death of his father, John’s performance dropped in school. Nevertheless, he kept holding on to his dreams. He vowed never to allow his background put his back on the ground. He was determined to come out great in life. He started doing menial jobs to sustain his education and support his mum and sister. It was tougher than it used to be and it really affected his academics. Although he had no social life it was still very hard to make ends meet, but he would not accept defeat. He kept his focus on his dream to liberate his family.

Two years later, John graduated from the university with a second class lower. However,  this would not deter him. John’s experience from menial jobs grew his passion for entrepreneurship and lack of capital couldn’t stop him because he understood the concept of starting small. He started a construction business with nothing but his dreams and hopes. As providence would have it for John, after few years of hardwork, relentless commitment, doggedness and honesty he was able to attract people to invest in his business; mostly people he had worked for before, who also gave good referrals and some suppliers who extended credit supplies to him.

Ten years down the line, about 35years of age, John’s dreams became reality. He became wealthier than he dreamed of and life of struggle and poverty became a story he shared to motivate people coming behind him. All because he realised where he was coming from and never gave up on his dreams in spite of all life threw at him.

Dreams are pictures of what and where you want to be in life. it is a picture that becomes a part of you. Dreams are what you hold on to when the future looks uncertain. Some people mix dreams with desire but they are different. Dreams can be likened to a hunger while desires can be likened to craving. Consider the difference between a craving and a hunger: Desires are fleeting infatuations while Dreams are fundamental necessities. Cravings will fade but will never be satisfied. Hunger can be satisfied with proper nutrition but always grows if unrealized.

The world needs Dreamers not just Desirers.

Dreamers Ahead gives a smooth cruise into the life of two Great Dreamers and Achievers in our society who at one time had hit the rock bottom. Who regardless of what they went through, never allowed their backgrounds to put their backs on the ground by simply holding on to their dreams regardless.



Dele Momodu is a Nigerian journalist /publisher, polemicist, business man, philanthropist, actor and a motivational speaker. Was born 16th May 1960, he is the last of three siblings. He lost his dad at age 13 relying on his mum and relatives for support. His mum’s source of income was petty trading. She labored so hard to sustain her family. Dele wrote the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) three times before he passed. He later got admitted into the university to study Yoruba language and he holds a masters degree in English literature. After several years of hard work and commitment, He now wine and dine with the who is who in the society. A man of great wealth and wisdom, Dele was once a presidential aspirant of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. ( Culled From: Wikipedia, 2015).



Steve Harris is a man I love and respect so much. Beyond being a dreamer, Steve is one focused man I’ve seen in life. A man of big dreams and endless passions to become a voice in his generation. By the time Steve was 25 years old, He had dropped out of school twice, been an office assistant twice, experimented with addictive substances and was receiving an allowance from his little sister. He had hit rock bottom and that was his wake up call. He determined to change his life. And in 10 years, he has become a successful Life & Business Strategist, coaching individuals and organizations to achieve High Performance in 90 days or less.  And today, Steve Harris is a brand to be reckoned with in Africa. (Culled From: The 2015 live Tele-conference with Steve Harris, Bankole Williams and Jimi Tewe).

Regardless of how many times you have failed or how terrible your background is, all that is truly required of you for greatness in life is a DREAM and a sincere commitment to see that dream come true. There is a dreamer in you that is seeking to be expressed. Give it place and let it be a dream with no limits.  The world has an habit of creating room for those whose thoughts, words and actions shows they know where they are going. Even though they’re dreamers whose dreams have given essence and purpose.
When you dream, DREAM BIG and work at making it come true.


According to Collin Powell, “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.

Harriet Tubman said “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”.

Let your dream excite you. With hard work , determination and trust in God, dreams come true.

Dare to Dream • Dare to Believe • Dare to Achieve.

Your Dreams Are Valid.

By Omodara Onome

Scary, Cruel But True

People say life is unfair, some say life is cruel, few say life is good but to me, I feel life is life and if you play by the rules, your chances of getting hurt will be slim. I guess maybe my view is due to few facts I have grown to know over the years,  so I will share them with you and let you be the judge of what life really is.


1. Life is give and take. People most often will only give to you because they expect something in return. What they expect in return may be physical such as money, gratification, sex, labour, etc or non-physical things, like loyalty, publicity, fame, being worshipped etc. Also these applies to the law of sow and reap, when you give you shall receive.

2. The higher you go the less real friends you will have. Friends are rare when you are at the top, what you have mostly are colleagues, parasites and sycophants. Here’s the downside, most friends wants you to be on the same level with them, so when you become successful most of them are intimidated and they disappear, while the rest will go because of distance and time.

3. You will be used. People with ulterior motives will come to you in the name of religion, passion, tribe, language, freedom etc and you will trust them but then they only use you. If you are wise you won’t be fooled the second time but if not you will die for someone else’s greed in the name of “fighting true cause”.

4. Life is like a showbiz. You remain relevant to people so long as they gain something from you. Bad news and immoral things will always get more attention. When you become too demanding people will see you as a pin in the butt. If you want to always stay ahead, you have to keep reinventing yourself or else you become a stale news. If you stop giving the show, you stop commanding the attention.

5. Life will test you. You will be tested by events, people and situations. You will fail some but eventually learn, you will pass but eventually regret however in all it will make you better if you are focused. Disappointments will come from family and close allies, if you do not learn to take it in your stride, it may destroy who you are. You will see brilliant people beg, dumb people will excel, good trees will be fell while bad ones seems to live forever. You will want to conclude life is not worth it but if you understand these are all part of the tests, it would not destroy you.

6. You will find out you can’t please everyone. Hatred too often is not about attitude, no matter how good, polite or helpful you are people who wouldn’t like you will still not like you. Envy, backbiting, jealousy, contempt, transference are all part of life and there is hardly anything you can do to change them. Some bosses will see you as a threat, few family members will see you as competition, while close friends will see you as opposition. You can’t change their mind or actions but you can always survive it if you understand it is just life.

7. Life makes finances scarce for good cause. When you have life changing events to fund, money will be scarce, people will tell you, your timing is bad but when it is for fun and less important things, hidden treasures would miraculously find ways to the surface. That’s life telling you even the forces of availability would not want you to be successful but if you do not give up and you keep pressing forward you will find out that even a stone gate can melt.

8. Life will often favor the strong. The Strong will be stronger at the expense of the weak. Oppression, suppression, victimization and villlans will rule. The rich will get richer and poor if not careful will get poorer, the wise will make fool of the greedy and the upright would envy the corrupt. It is the way of the world but nothing last forever, not even the reign of terror, eventually good will find its voice.

9. Right is subjective and not absolute. The right or wrong argument will amaze you. Many will choose not see the truth, some will argue against it because of gains and passion, while others would just not see it no matter how blinding it shines then you will understand the eyes only see what the eyes want to see. You can’t convince a made up mind, put your argument in actions and not words… A deaf man cannot hear no matter how loud you scream.

10. Humans are designed to believe. People will always believe in something. Some will deny it while others will brandish it. God, money, passion, people, system, living and non-living things are few of what people believe in. Man can’t but believe, just that we choose what to believe. It is wise not to judge anyone based on this because if you truly understand life, you will know it is nature’s call, we are all bound to answer though in different pitch sounds.

Turn Your Anger Into a Motivational Tool

Law of conversation of energy says energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another. Anger is one energy most of us have in excess, we are easily provoked to act, speak or keep malice. However, I believe that if this energy is well harnessed and rightfully channelled, it can be used positively. When people try to destroy this energy by bottling up so much more than they can handle, they end up doing hurtful and unspeakable things… Example is a maid that refrigerate the two kids of her boss because she was maltreated.


Some years back, I had not really discovered myself and I wasn’t really aware of my strength then, about the time I got admission to the polytechnic. My dad was talking to me, in the presence of his friends, he said, if I could finish with upper credit grade level and was able to cross to the university, he was going to get me a car. One of his friends interrupted mockingly saying, “that is asking too much of him, he is too playful, hot-headed and can’t even construct good sentences. How is he going to pass not to talk of making upper credit grade level”. I felt bad, humiliated and very angry, because my dad wouldn’t defend me couple with the fact that I was being ridiculed before everyone. There and then I made up my mind to put extra-effort and prove the man wrong. I channeled all my anger into my resolve not to be a failure. To cut the story short, I came out the best in my set and I can’t forget the look on the man’s face when I was called to the podium to receive the award. Though, till today my dad thought it was the car that motivated me but it was actually anger.

When someone says you can’t achieve something and makes fun of you in such an embarrassing way, anger can push you to want to fight back, abuse the person or keep malice and bottle up but here is another alternative, in your anger you can also decide to prove the person wrong. You can decide to go home prepare extra-hard then come back and excel in that same thing you were told you can’t do. The best revenge is success, so sweet it leaves all those who have underestimated you wishing they knew better.


Don’t try to bottle up your hanger, that is the worst thing you can do to yourself, act it out but in a positive way. People will bring your weaknesses to your face, people you trust will betray you, people you will take bullet for will be the ones behind the trigger, people will underestimate your potential but know that anything other than proving them wrong would make them right about you. Channel your anger positively and use it to change who you are, what you are and where you are.