bad things and good people

rom:8-28…and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose…

too many times we have asked why bad things happen to good people; people who are diligent in service? the verse sighted above, for me, answers it all.
bad things would happen to good people for two reasons: 1. to correct and 2. to prepare

1. to correct: when a God fearing person goes wrong either through sin, disobedience or fear, God allows bad things to happen to draw them back to God’s presence. examples are king david, the israel kingdom, jonah, job etc however, if you find out that when you go wrong nothing bad happens be careful less you are meant for destruction.

2. to prepare: God also allow bad things to happen to prepare His chosen for the blessings ahead. examples are joseph, moses, Christ etc all these people went through one form of agony at a point so that the glory God can manifest in their lives.

so friends whatever the circumstance might be passing through, no matter how bad it seems, believe me God is working for your good, so long as you serve Him diligent. don’t envy the wicked’s success, it won’t last like what your Father is planning for you, just be diligent.

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