Going through a motivational book and this question popped up, “what do you really want?”. I stopped and thought about it for a while, “what do I really want from this book?”, it seems difficult to answer at the moment but eventually, I got it “knowledge”, yeah! That was why I was reading.
Have you ever asked yourself that question, “what do you really want?”, you would be surprise how long this question goes to give your life a new meaning.

Ask this question in every situation you find yourself, before you take any decision with regards to your relationship, your job, your education, and your life as a whole.

In relationship, ask yourself what do you really want from the relationship, is it companionship, friendship, sex, marriage etc. You should also ask your partner what he/she wants and check if they are same with yours. Your conclusion would give your relationship a whole new meaning.

In business, ask yourself what do you really want from the business, is it profit, customer satisfaction, create new product, deliver a new idea etc. Likewise you can ask your customers what they really want from you, aside from the products or services you offer. This would help re-define and re-position your business, it would widen your horizon on how to grow your business.

In your education, ask yourself why you are in school, is it to study and come out with good grades, to make friends, to “belong”, to have sex partners, to wine and dine etc. if you can place your hands on why you are there, you would be focused and achieve what target you set for yourself.

You may never know how far you need to push yourself till you can answer this question and believe me it goes a long in defining what the future would look like.

By Selah (December 19th 2010)

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