A poor farmer marvel by his friend’s harvest, so to elicit pity for his own non-performance told people that God has been unfair to him considering his efforts in planting season; the rain was not fair, neither was the sun nor the ground. He complained about the wind, the government’s aide to farmers, locust encroachment on his farm and lots more. People all around pitied him some gave him a dime, others just sympathize but a man did not pity him.
The man asked the poor farmer, is that the true story? The poor farmer was ecstatic, dumb-founded and bewildered, for in his heart of heart he knew that wasn’t the whole story. With a bowed head he answered the man, ‘NO! That’s not the true story’. The poor farmer then confessed, “In truth, I did not prepare for the planting season; I had poor farming tools, didn’t plant in line with the weather, didn’t prevent the locust, never applied for government’s grant, and didn’t meet with other farmers to update myself: in all I didn’t do my best.”
Many of us are like the poor farmer, we are often not true to ourselves, when things go wrong rather than acknowledging our faults we are pre-occupied with how others have contributed to our failure. A student that failed is complaining about the teachers, marking guide, time of exam etc but never about his inadequate preparation and commitment. An unemployed graduate is complaining about unfair recruitment procedures, insensitivity of government, bad economy etc but not about his positioning and competence. Similarly, a struggling man complaints about his work, marriage, government, economy, boss, employees, etc but never about his prudence, bad judgments, temper, ignorance…
If we are not truthful to others it may be understandable but when people are not true to themselves it becomes unforgiveable. Examine your situation and see how you have contributed to it, evaluate yourself see how you can improve, look within and learn how to move on. Blaming others to get sympathy would never solve the problems nor ensure such won’t happen again. Like the farmer confess the whole truth to yourself and imbibe the lessons and you would see the difference.
if you can learn from your previous mistakes and channel your efforts to re-positioning yourself rather than blaming others the years we have left is enough to make the difference.

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