Have you ever been in a situation where you felt out of place, looked down upon and it seems you are the worst of your kind? At a point, quite a number of us (I have) would have experienced this but our reactions would have differed (since our perception to life differs). Some would have struggled to match the situation while others would have hung their head in shame. How do you manage yours?

A wiseman once told me, “no matter how bad you think your situation is, once you have life you can turn it around”. At a stage in life you feel there is a particular class of people you should belong to, your so called set, and when this is not happening you feel out of place but have you considered those who ought to be ahead of you who are still behind and each time you walk pass them they still put up a smile. Note, the fact that some people achieved a thing or two before you doesn’t mean they would achieve more than you.

In time we have learnt that life might not give us what we want but if we learn to take what it gives us with our heads up high, sooner than we expect we would excel beyond our imagination. Rebelling against the world is never the solution to life’s misappropriation neither is turning against the favoured a way to get even with life. Embrace what you get and life would give you more. Fight back by holding your head up high, put carriage in everything you do, wear a smile instead of frown, encourage others instead of pulling them down and you would see life in a whole new way.

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