…gladly most of us would conclude that opportunities are God’s creation but the truth is both God and the devil can create opportunities.

…a man who walks on a sleeping man with millions on is desk has opportunity to become a millionaire so also a man that just got the news that his model or prototype could solve a major world problem, he also has an opportunity to make millions.

…we come across different opportunities in our day to day life, but the truth is, for every good opportunity God creates, the devil creates another opportunity to distract us. with that in mind we need to always weigh every open door; is it God’s creation? is it really that opportunity I have been waiting for? would anyone suffer if I explore this opportunity? who takes the glory for this opportunity; myself, God, devil or I can’t even tell anyone?

…I believe this is the Lord’s word at this moment for a particular person, don’t just weigh your option with human knowledge and desires, make sure you weigh it on the scale of Godliness and His wisdom!

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