Dreams are figments of our imagination, things we believe could be achieved either by us or people around us. some people have small dreams (contented with a simple life and a simple means) while others are to the extreme, big dreams (big life and big means). in between we have ‘the day dreamers’ people who want big life but hope to do it with small means/little efforts.

Sadly, most of us belong to the middle pack, the day dreamers. we keep dreaming big, wishing for a big life; fast cars, beautiful houses, sexy ladies/guys etc but with little means. it is funny when I see friends with such ambitions and no definite life structure to achieve these dreams. dreams are your visions but without a plan to achieve them, they stay as dreams, no more no less.

Big dreams don’t make big men, friends, big action does. some steps must be taken if you want to transform that dream of yours. you want to be a musician, a writer, sport person, a politician, a professional, public officer or entrepreneur: sleeping on the bed won’t do it, neither would gallivanting about town make it happen, you have to direct all your efforts, focus and time to that dream.

Do you know that what a day-dreamer chases are the same things that chases a dream-liver. why chase first what will eventually chase you pants down? put aside those leisures and time-wasters, and chase your dreams. set your dreams loose by waking up the action in you. stop hoping for a big life while making small plans. the life you have always wanted will come if you can chase the dreams you have always nurtured.

May our dreams begin to take shape, may the good Lord grant us the strength to follow our plans through and in the end may we not loose our purpose in life. Amen!

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