Worries To Worship

Gen 41:41 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt.

people say they can’t help but worry about life, some even believe if you don’t worry, it means you don’t care about your life. this is not founded because if you ask me, I haven’t seen any problem solved by worrying.

why do people worry?
1. because their life is not structured: many people spend their lives chasing other’s dream. you need to discover yourself and follow your dreams. joseph had a dream, knew his talent and followed it through. we are all gifted in our little way, identify yours and plan along it.

2. because they lack faith: when you commit things into God’s hands, it is not your business to start thinking, how God would do it or the people He will use. when you put your problems at God’s table of solution, rather than worry just worship because you have faith that it is done. joseph had faith in God that was why he did not take his master’s wife’s offer.

3. because we are not patient: why live a rushed-life? we all say God’s time is the best but just few of us are ready to wait for it. when the devil see your impatience it comes with His offer, which eventually brings destruction. but a patient man would wait like joseph, despite having his dreams at age 17 he waited patiently for 13years to see it come to past.

life would bring its challenges but a man that trust in God would have no cause to worry but to worship because He is sure, God has never failed in the past and that is not about to change now!

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