God, I would have wanted to ask for another lovely day tomorrow
More favours from you, unmerited blessings as usual
A smile in place of troubles, doors of opportunities instead of tests
Perfect weather all the time, more friends and no enemies
Hurt-free relationship, cooperation from everyone around me
Acknowledgment of my efforts by my boss and people around me
And above all, the knowledge of what tomorrow holds for me

God, but I have the understanding you that know me better
You give me the push when its needed to keep me running
You allow hurts to strengthen me and criticisms to remind me that I am not perfect
Those hurdles you allow, are just to make sure I jump at the right time
The tears in my eyes to keep me abreast of realities that surrounds me
And when people disappoints me, I guess you want me to be self dependent while trusting in you alone

God, between you and I, you know I appreciate everything
Even when my words fail me, I know you see through me
My act may fall below your expectations but I am sure you know me better
Might not have worth it to others but I am sure you know my worth
Would never be able to appreciate you enough but I believe my thanks surely gets to you.

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