…saturday (19/05/12), the saying that there is no armor against fate was put to a test. with my heart in my mouth, sweaty palms and curious mind, I saw a dramatic win for my team. some call it luck, others say it is an underserved achievement while few realized that when it is your turn to shine you don’t need to be fanciful.


it got me thinking about life, success is not about how brilliant or preferred you are but how determined and believing you are. luck exist in life but believe me, we would all have our time just that only those who take theirs are those recognized as being lucky and eventually successful.

believe in yourself, take time to always reassure yourself that it can be done. don’t give up because the odds is against you, some people said you would fail or because people don’t believe you can do it. look into the mirror when you are down and tell yourself that ‘in my life nothing is impossible’.

join us; motivational message

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