If you don’t believe in yourself who will…

the driving factor in life is believe. people believe in many things like people, love, institution, God, effigies, materials, positions or affluence…the truth is we all need something to believe in; consciously or unconsciously we all believe in something. so what do you believe in?

the tale of a friend got me thinking about the value of believe. he lost track of home at a tender age, no families to shoulder his believe. He had to live his hometown, came to lagos with his WASSCE result and was able to get a job as factory attendant; but he never forgot what he believed.

He got admission for part-time program (oou satalite campus in lagos) in accounting on one side while writing professional exams on the other side. things were so difficult for him that he became a pest in the neighborhood⁠; people kept their food when they hear his voice, ‘gari’ (cassava flakes) to him was more of luxury. people passed different comments, like who sent him, he is doing too much at a time, there are spirits worrying him etc. but he never lost faith in what he believed.

in his part four, news filtered in that he had impregnated a lady on the street. at that point, it seems like it was obvious, he would not make it. things went from ‘worst’ to ‘badly-worst'(if there is anything like that). when he got to part five the lady gave birth to a boy, even though you could see the joy in their eyes, their wretchedness left so little to be desired. we lost contact that year but I wasn’t sure he could ever make it.

seeing him a week ago, he told me that when he graduated (not top of the class), same year he passed is final ican papers(second time of trying the finals). he got a job in an auditing firm with his ican result (he could not serve because he did part time). and now he is living large; a house of his own in ajah, elite location in lagos nigeria, with that lady and two kids. I was forced to ask him, what kept him going all those times? though I was convinced it was not faith because he never went to church.

He replied, with smiles on his face, “I did not go to church but I believe in God, though I do not worship anywhere, I believed God through me, I never stopped believing in myself. even when I made mistakes, when people made me look stupid and detestful, I never stopped believing and that kept me going!”

looking back now, I realize that though as human, we need something to believe in but God had given us something to believe right from our birth and that is ourselves. many came from nothing, most where made out of uncertainty but what kept all of them going was the believe they had in themselves. at times, we might be confused, sometimes frustrated, too often we need someone to give us the push but when push comes to shovel, our self believe is all that we are left with.

see yourself has a growing plant, some will water you, don’t get drown in it; some will throw dirt at you, don’t let it stick see it as fertilizer and extract the nutrients; then spread your leafs and grow. if you don’t believe in yourself, my friends no one will!

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