A young man who read forestry travelled to US for his masters. There in the school he found love among fellow Nigeria students.  On finishing his two years program his lover had a re-sit which meant he had to wait three months behind in the States for her. He seized that opportunity and went for a 2-month course, diploma in waste management. Two years after, back in Nigeria, he was still searching for job till one day an interviewer going through his credentials stumbled on a certificate that read “diploma in waste management” (a course not popular in Nigeria, yet the state has a department for it) he was employed based on this and he rose to be the director of waste management board in that state.

Personal investments are those hours invested in one’s personal growth; it may be within your field or outside of it. These are personal growths that separate you from the crowd (contemporaries), like acquisition of foreign language, professional qualifications, trade, etc. It could also be time spent to develop one’s personal skill, hobbies or talent, which often times, are outside of one’s field. Examples are lawyers going into fashion and make-ups, doctors attending music classes, banker who are learning script writing and acting, economics student learning fashion designing while on internship, etc.

Your personal investments distinguish you for success, brightens your opportunities while also opening new doors of opportunities and often times end up defining who you really are. The world is fast becoming a global village and competition is not from only those around, but from those outside our shores, so you need to stand while others are sitting, jump while they are standing and if possible fly when they are jumping (just be a step ahead).

Often times our excuse is that there is no time, but we have 24hrs in a day, average sleep is 5hrs we are left with 19hrs, do you engage all these 19hrs? I implore you today, evaluate yourself and see how you can invest in yourself, what potentials can be developed? What hobbies of yours can be translated to success story? Don’t mind the stress and hardship of learning, when you are made it would be a sweet story of success. People close to you may not support you but your end result would surely vindicate you.

There is a big world out there don’t be limited by what people say around you, open your heart to boundless opportunities and be the difference you have always longed for.  Stay focused

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