Two friends wrote the UTME exams few years back, one scored 350 and other 210. The one that scored 350 happen to have had the best result in the state and was well celebrated but when the post JAMB result came out he couldn’t manage the cut-off. On the other hand the one that finished with 210 was able to manage the cut-off and taken for medicine.

Looking at it, the one that scored 350 attained a level of success but couldn’t progress while the one that scored 210 may not be really successful but he sure made the required progress. The fact that you have attained success at a point doesn’t necessarily mean progress is assured. Too often we as humans are so much carried away by the success of the moment that we fail to realize that we are not making progress.

Life, they say is a war of many battles, we would win some and we would no doubt loose others but the most important thing is not to get drowned by our failures nor get too carried away by our successes. If we look around we would notice many former stars, celebrities and achievers who are now like beggars and irony of their former self…for just one reason, they were carried away, lost in tide of their success, they failed to progress. Do we want to be like that?

Dear friends as we move towards our goals, many successes are bond to come our way; new jobs, new relationships, new graduates, new admissions, new friends, contracts and positions but let’s know that all these are just a means to our end. don’t let’s loose ourselves to whatever success we achieve now rather let’s concentrate on making the necessary progress and keep our focus on our ultimate goals!

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