Dear friends,

I am happy to have you, so glad to have someone I could count on, through thick and thin, you were always there, like the skies above me, keeping its watch at all times, like that angel I chose to share my thoughts with and in turn touching my life in a special way.

I am sorry if it seems I expect so much from you. But the truth is that i want to see your names in high places. Your dreams fulfilled and a better you everyday. A ‘you’ that knows its worth, not with arrogance but pride. A “you” that believes that nothing is impossible for a determined mind with wills so strong to pull it through.

Don’t worry if you have made mistakes, I understand and I never forget we are all humans. We have tendencies to falter but my faith in you is never lost. I believe that you are wiser, better and smarter now than then. I believe your past experiences have provided you with sufficient tools to forge ahead, please use them because you earned them.

And when the time of success comes my friends, don’t be lost in it. Don’t get carried away like those you vehemently condemn now. Remember how you hated oppression now don’t inflict it, remember how you hope you can help others now, do it when you have the means and don’t forget all your promises to God each time you pray, please redeem them.

My friends, though there is so much I want to share with you but I think you have so much to do yourself already and I believe you know it is of no use to acquire knowledge that you can’t apply to your life. Spring to action friends, the waiting is over, now is our time.

Stay blessed

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