Don’t Sell Yourself Cheap

my father once told me that everyone has a price…though I often question this point of view because of my believe that if one knows his or her self worth, then one becomes priceless. Haven grown in the study of men (humans), I found out that truly at a point people end up being a commodity (of their own decisions).

I guess now you may be wondering, ‘how are people commodities?’… Do you know that for every decision we take, we must have considered some things? Be it money, pride, fear, prospects, love, hatred, strength, information, hope etc something must have influenced us. Whatever we may have considered before taking our decisions is/are the price(s) we sold ourselves for that decision. I hope now you getting it.

The part of Nigeria I come from (Yorubas) believe that when you sell your relatives cheap you can’t buy them expensive. I think it should be taken a step further, if you sell yourself cheap, you can’t buy your self expensive, that is even if you are allowed to buy yourself back. As you know you can’t turn back the hands of time and some decisions can’t be reversed or taken back.

Before you take decisions, ask yourself; what is informing that decision? Is that thing worth it? If after such decision would you still have your self-worth intact? Would your dignity still be there? Would you be able to standby that same decision some years after? Would you be proud to tell people what you have done? Is that the right price for that decision? Are you not selling yourself cheap?
This could be any decision of life; choice of work, friends, relationship, opportunities, adventures, words, business etc. Ask yourself is it worth it?

The year is almost over and many rash decisions and theories will be springing up. Dear friends don’t be a victim of your own decisions, always think it through first. Remember, in the end every action begets reaction (consequence).
May the grace of God continue to be with us.

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