As humans, when we are down the first thing that comes to mind is to solicit for pity. We want people to sympathize with us. Some result to crying to bring people around while others would keep complaining just so that someone could come around, say sorry then they will go on and on about how unfortunate they have been and how cruel life is.

I know that when we are hurt crying might be our only way of expressing our hurt but as much as possible we should also be alive to the fact that it is not a proven solution to any problem. Don’t get me wrong, I am not contending the power of tears as a soothing balm but I am contending its power to solve problems.

Self pity, complaining, suicide attempts, self-resentment or weeping as far as I know has never solved a problem (I could be wrong), what solve problems are actions (thoughtful actions). Whatever action(s) you may thinking of; hardwork, prayers, socialisation, standing firm, affirmation, face-off, dialogue…which ever course of action you may have decided on, don’t sit back and start contemplating on when to start, just go ahead and effect it.

Note, your strength should always be your route to liberation, don’t attempt to take on your problem on its own terms rather tackle it on your terms and conditions, according to your own rules. Life will not stop because you have failed or because you are hurt, the longer you stay down the further you are left behind and risk being trampled upon. Rise up to the task ahead, even in these few more days a turn around is not impossible.

I believe the world powers of tomorrow are those reading this text, and I am more than convinced that you as a person are not going to sit back and wait for events to shape your life for you or wait for people to pity you to self destruction…rise now, wipe those tears, put those pains aside, let the reproach go and own your life back!

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