Getting What You Deserve



Do you really pray to have what you deserve?

There is a clear difference between what you desire and what you deserve. What you desire is what you wish to have with or without the means while what you deserve is what comes to you based on what you have invested. Lots of people have concluded that life really doesn’t give people what they deserve but this is untrue what life may not give is what man desires, it surely gives man what he deserves.

How Can You Get What You Deserve
1. Set your priorities right: define what your life is about, what your purpose is, discover yourself and make the best of what you have.
2. Get information on where you are going: no knowledge is wasted and what won’t teach you what to do would teach you what not to do. knowledge is the path to success.
3. Connect the right people: you are as influential as the people you know. meet people in your field, make connections that would aide you your growth and development but don’t put your life in other people’s hands.
4. Never let small obstacles discourage you: hurdles will come, there would be trying times, hardship and cruel people will try to pull you down but see them as small obstacles which are not enough to stop your dreams.
5. Know that success is not an end neither is failure the end: success is not a point to be reached but movement from one point of achievement to another just as failure is not the end but a chance to pause and re-strategize
6. Embrace criticisms and be weary of praises: critics should be your best friend, they see what you wouldn’t see about yourself, don’t ignore them. Praise-singers should be ignored as much as possible so they don’t make you loose your focus.
7. Don’t neglect the supernatural angle of life: whatever manifests in the natural has its origin from the supernatural, don’t play God as a substitute, give Him the lead role in your life and every of your dealings.

You can get what you deserve if you really work at it and stop wishing for it, because you desire it doesn’t make it your entitlement but if you give it all you have, then you will deserve it.

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