Time To Say Thank You

Looking back at when the year start, like the rainbow ushered in by little drops rain, we were filled with optimism of things we hoped for, things we have perfected in dreamland and possibilities that were just enormous. Many came to pass, some are still in work-in-progress and quite a handful did not see the light of day.

As sad as those that did not come to pass might make some of us, we should also spare thoughts for those that attained all of theirs before the half of the year yet did not see today. Would we say we are more righteous, careful, courageous, courteous, godly or focused than they are? No dear! It is by grace, favor and mercy of God.

It’s time to say thank you. It’s time to appreciate God for the gift of life, the grace to plan ahead and the favor to see the outcomes (good or bad). It’s time to say thank you to friends and family who were there all through the year, giving supports when we asked and even when we were too shy to ask. It is time to say thank you to enemies and fake friends, whose evil ways and plans led us to our destined path, taught us vital lessons of life and made us sought God for protection.

There are many things we still hope to achieve in the remaining 31 days i know, but remember what prayers and personal efforts had failed to achieve for us in the last 11 months, praise and thanks within this 31days can do it. Don’t loose hope just yet, don’t give in now that you are almost there, it can be done and it will be done!

Dedicated to everyone who though has lost so much but not their faith!

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