No Resolutions Just Goals

Selah’s Monthly Message

No Resolutions Just Goals (Reinforcement)

It is another year and i know the urge to make resolutions are high, in fact many would have made theirs before the eve of the new year. For those who have made theirs, i am happy for you and those yet to, well you can borrow a cue from my message.

Contrary to what most of us have grown to believe that resolutions are list of behaviours to either drop or acquire, resolutions are actually 1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2. A resolving to do something. 3. A course of action determined or decided on, but due to our human nature we have tendencies of compromising rather than being resolute.

Having understood our weakness as humans, the best way to turn weakness to strength is to appreciate it and maximize it, rather than make resolutions why not set targets and goals. For example, this year i want to get married, this year i want to get admission, this year i want to improve my finances etc. You need not set an outrageous goal, set something that is workable, something that you can breakdown into phases and can be evaluated at intervals, say quarterly.

I understand if it is hard at first to set targets because of your fears for failure but believe me it is worse not having a goal than failing at one (imagine a football match without a goal post- aimless you say). So i urge you, get a diary, notepad or a book, scribble your goals, break it down to easy phases, ways and requirements to accomplish it, and finally don’t loose the paper you write it on.

I enjoin you to set your goals now, put them before God and you will not be disappointed.

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