Power of the Mind

Selah’s Monthly Message

Power of the Mind

Do you know that defeat or success before its life manifestation is first conceived in the mind? Do you know that great inventions and great destructions were first created in the mind before they were implemented? Finally, do you know that if your mind can create a thing then you can achieve it?

The mind is a great tool God has given to man. Many have done good things as well as bad things just by exploring the power of the mind. Some sect travel spiritually, leaving their body behind simply by articulating the mind. Also, yoga is another mind creation that seems out of the ordinary. I just gave the extreme cases so you can know how powerful your mind is. You need not go that far but you can create positivity around you with you mind.

Your mind can create for you that destiny you always dreamed of, only if you can sit down and articulate it. With your mind you can see only things you want to see, believe things you want to believe and be who you want to be. The “you” idea of understanding who you are is also part of the mind creation. Tell me, what is it you want? Create it first in your mind then you can actualize it. Your mind can create self-believe, positive affirmations, happy place, unquestionable faith etc but you need to feed your mind with positive motivations.

I am sure this message is a bit complex, well it’s for the developing mind and not the dormant mind, but I hope you will put your mind to work to unravel the mystery.

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