Dynamic World and The Modern Man

Modern Men

In a dynamic world of ours where successes and achievements are placed above real essence of life like happiness, family and godliness, a woman must learn how to negotiate and get what she deserves.

The common trend in big offices and high class levels are vast majority of women (some with kid(s) already) who are seeking desperately for husband, while we also have quite a number of men (some with kid(s) already) who still believe they don’t have enough money to settle down.

We tend to ask ourselves how it came to this and where are we going from here? It’s a dynamic world my ƒяιєη∂ѕ, one in which everyone of us especially single ladies must watch our backs, keep our integrity and believe only one thing is real-a trip to the alter.

Modern men are hardly prepared to get settled down, they believe they need to attain certain height before they can do so, yet they want to enjoy all the benefits of marriage without making any commitment…that is where you as a lady needs to be careful –
1. Don’t enslave yourself to a man you are not married to, don’t go and start spending weekends – the more he sees of you the less he would appreciate you.
2. Don’t give sex and hope for marriage. sex is meant to come after marriage, else there is no haste in getting married for him, since he has it all already.
3. Don’t rely on a man’s money, strive to attain your own success and let a worthy man come after you however don’t look down on any man.
4. Happening guys have less plans for women. A man that doesn’t bother about his future would care less about yours and don’t think you can change him
5. You are the spiritual hold of the family, learn to be steadfast before marriage, so that you can be guided right by God all the way.

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