What Are You Known For?

What Are You Known For?

People are qualified with different adjectives these days that you can hardly mix two people up, example the smart guy, the nice gal, the religious babe, the rough guy, the banker, the workaholic etc. People tend to qualify others with what the person is synonymous with. What do they call you?

You my friend what are you known for? Is it for negative things, positive things or for nothing? A friend of mine’s PM read “be who you wanna be; the beard man is better than a nobody”. You need to be known for something; a man who stands for nothing will fall for everything…what do you stand for?

When you tell yourself you have a focus or an agenda and it is not written in all you do, no one takes you serious. You can only excel at a thing if you channel all your energy, materials and commitment to it. People should know you for what you are, what your aspirations are and your willingness to give all to have it.

Are you Mr Excellence? Are you Miss Perfection? Are you Mr Complaining? Or You are just nobody?

Where people are sitting, please sit up. Where people are standing, please standout. If all standout you should become outstanding. Where few are outstanding then you must ride on the eagle’s wings, after all your Father in heaven created all things for His own glory and you my dear glorifies His name.

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