Brenda was a 20year old girl who bowed to peer pressures and sweet words from her boyfriend, got pregnant, disowned by her father, did abortion and didn’t survive it. Here are the three short notes written by Brenda to her father, her boyfriend and her friends.

Dear Dad,
With my last breath i apologize for all i have done. I know i was stupid, i was a disappointment and a fool not to have listened but dad i was also your daughter, your baby and once before your everything. I might have gone astray by getting pregnant but i believe if you had still showed the same love i have enjoyed from you before, i would still be alive. Mum could not save me from your anger and finally in it and my desperation i have been consumed.

Dear Boyfriend,
You promised me everything, you told me you would be careful even though i insisted on my virginity, you told me since it is yours why can’t you have a taste now. That day at your house you said, i hold the cure to your stomach problem, that i should just allow you to try something and that you wouldn’t break me. I know i was a fool to believe you but I felt we shared true love. When i got pregnant you denied it, saying once is not enough to get me pregnant. I am gone from you now, i hope you have a good family of your own but please remember my blood is what you are building your family on and never forget that if you had waited i could still be alive. Your parent couldn’t get the truth from you and now i have been consumed in your denial.

Dear Friends,
I guess you are glad that i am no longer the dull girl you make jest of, i am no longer that saint that spoils all the fun, that i am no longer that virgin friend you don’t want around. I am what you wanted me to be, an happening babe, but then i have gone a step further to be come your dead friend. You might say what happened to me was as a result of my stupidity but then if you had not pushed me i might not have jumped and could still be alive. I know when you suggested abortion, you never intended death for me but then i ought to have understood that you only
tell half the story because when you suggested sex earlier you did not tell me of pregnancy. Pleasures of few minutes would not let us listen to senses but now i have been consumed in it.

Good bye all, i hope i have a better next life, if there is any and to the child i aborted, sorry I wasn’t bold enough to be your mother on earth, i hope i get the chance in the hereafter.

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