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Things They Won’t Tell You About Success

Things They Won’t Tell You About Success

Foundation for success is faith; faith in yourself, faith in possibilities and/or faith in your God. You can’t seek success outside faith but where your faith lies would determine the road you will tread to achieve your success.

Success is never an end point, it is a continuum marked by landmark achievements. You will know points of success by the happiness and the joy of that moment like admission, job, graduation, marriage, first million, touching lives, inventions etc. Landmark achievements that is success.

Success can’t be passed from one person to another, it is not something you can inherit like wealth. It requires desire and the will to go the extra-mile. You will need to learn, you will need to experience, you will need to meditate, you will need to listen, you will need to dream but above all you will need to act.

No man is born successful, though one may have advantage over the other but those are still not guarantees to be successful. Success is a choice we make not to give up in the face of challenges. Knowing that to fail is not what makes you a failure but to stop trying does. Success is not out of the ordinary, it is just extra-ordinary.


Selah is a motivator with one thing in mind and that is to bring out the best in you. The basis of the teachings is that there is nothing impossible for a man who has God and who is dedicated to achieving results. Selah is an economist by profession and a life consultant by practice with wide experience in life, its values and expectations. Selah believes you are here because you need answers but know that it’s only God that can provide all answers and if you trust in Him, He would open your mind as you read through. Selah is glad you have visited this site, hopes you will continue to and hopes the site continues to meet your needs for motivational support. Stay blessed!

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