So Act

If I was asked to motivate people in one word, the word will be ACT

ACT…you have too many ideas that are begging to be used, the world is waiting for them, so ACT

ACT…you have spent many years planning strategies in your head it is time execute, so ACT

ACT…you are scared you will fail, the truth is you may fail but you need to know that, so ACT

ACT…you think if you fail that is the end but you have forgotten that failure is the only way to success, so ACT

ACT…life is too short to spend on contemplating what to do, the rights of it and the wrongs, so ACT

ACT…you think if you try you may fail but you have forgotten that if you don’t try you have failed already, so ACT

ACT…your age is not an excuse, younger people have excelled, older people have tried again, so ACT

ACT…many talents have been buried because they were looking for the right time to start, which never came, so ACT

ACT…you require money to start I know but I also know money won’t find you on your bed, so ACT

ACT…your aim is the top I understand but many at the top started from the bottom, so ACT

ACT…you need an opportunity to express yourself but no one is giving you that, the truth is what you have in your head is good enough to create opportunities, so ACT

ACT…every new day is God’s given opportunity to try it again, so ACT

ACT!!! my word to you, don’t let anything hold you back, keep acting, you would loose some but then you will win too. never give up on acting…try again and again and again and again till you are celebrated.

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