Your Vices Your Weakness

Most people are held back by their vices, often bringing them to their knees when there is a chance for them to climb to a higher ground. Vices are those excesses we have be it moral or immoral. Most common vices include; excessive drinking, sexual addictions, being party freak, kleptomania, being gullible, inability to trust, greediness… the list is endless, so far it is done in excess.

As individuals, it is not a crime to satisfy your desires, neither is it wrong to build your defenses based on past experiences but when these things become the one controlling you then there is a problem. For example, having passion to make money is good but when you become greedy then it becomes a vice that can land one behind bars.

To checkmate your vices, you need the following:
1. Self discipline: Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
2. Reality check: checking the consistency between what you are doing and what you have as your life goal.
3. Taking to corrections: Listening and acting upon words of reasoning.
4. Good friends: The friends you keep say volume about the kind of life you are living and where you are likely to end up.
5. God fearing heart: A life without God is not living just a mere existence.

I understand if it seems so hard to leave some of these vices, especially those that are more or less like habits but if you realize where you want to be and how valuable those dreams are to you, then you will understand that denying yourself few things is worth every reward that awaits you.

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