Jordan Rule

Do you know River Jordan is the only river in the world that has never ran dry in history? Do you know why?

Well, River Jordan is supplied by four different rivers namely: to the left- Banias River, Dan River and to the right- Hasbani River, Iyon River. Which means no matter the time of the year, no matter the season, there is always supply for Jordan.

Hence the Jordan Rule states that for you to be above poverty line or future bankruptcy, you must at all times have at least four (4) sources of income.


If you are living from hand to mouth, one pay cheque to another or living less than you desire, what you need is not a new job but an additional source of income. Something to add to what you already have and once you have one, don’t stop till you have at least four.

If you are living in luxury of your income, earning fat salary and all the comfort that comes with it. Don’t spend it all on your fantasies and show offs. Make sure you invest in other money making ventures, remember at least four. No matter what comfort, your employment guarantees, you are still an employee and that is not safe.

You can be as rich as Bill Gate, Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Jimoh Ibrahim… only if you can increase your sources of income…the Jordan way!


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