Qualities Men Look Out For In Women

A Must Read For Ladies!
Qualities Men Look Out For In Women

by kathyjames

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,so there are some qualities men look out for in searching for the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with,I have explained a few of these notable qualities below, such as:

LOVE: Men look out for women who love them truly for who they are,despite their flaws and short comings and inadequacies(this is not to say that men are happy with their flaws,short comings and inadequacies and don’t feel the need or see reasons to change or improve on them) they are not complacent. They desire women who love them not because of what they have acquired,or what they(the women) stand to benefit from the man.

RESPECT: Men love women who talk,address and treat them with respect at home and in public. They love to be shown respect in the presence of their family, friends, her friends and in the presence of their children. Men also love women who don’t look down on them and compare them with other men.

ABILITY TO COOK: As it is commonly said ”The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Every man loves women who can cook and are happy to have as a wife a woman who is good at cooking I mean not just cooking ordinarily but cooking tastefully, deliciously and able to serve the meal decently, this puts happiness in the family paves way for the man to be able to happily and proudly invite his friends home to savour his wife’s good cooking.

HUMILITY: As a woman,you are expected to be humble generally as a person and be humble towards your husband,his family and your family. Let humility be felt in your manner of conversation and communication, character, attitude and behaviour. Nothing takes off a man’s attention from a woman than when she is full of pride and arrogance and tries to equate herself to the position of the husband as the head of the family. That is a complete turn off.

A GOOD LISTENER: A woman who has a listening ear and pays keen attention to the voice and directives of her husband is a Great bundle of joy to her husband, she is obedient to
the voice of her husband which makes her well detailed and informed about the on goings in the family, she doesn’t make decisions without the consent, knowledge and permission of her

UNDERSTANDING: Women that are “understanding” are the heart desire’s of all men, women who understand the times and season,when conditions and situations are pleasant and unpleasant, times when the storms of life surface unexpectedly. Men also love to know that the woman they are in love with understands their personality, moods, character, attitudes and understand their families(his family and her’s) and family backgrounds not just knowing them, because this will foster peaceful living in happiness between the husband, wife and their families.

PRAYERFUL: A Family that prays together stays together. Men love to know that the woman they are going to spend the rest of their lives with are committed to praying, always committing the
family and the affairs of the family into the hands of the able and almighty God, women who turn to
God in prayers for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and direction and commit whatever situations as they arise rather than just nagging, complaining and murmuring.

DISCIPLINE: Men love women who are disciplined in word and in character, women who are disciplined enough to know not to spend above what the man is earning, women who would not leave the upbringing of their children in the hands of an house help or house maid and would not tolerate decadence in her children
but discipline and correct them when they go wrong and make decisions in accordance to her
husband’s will.

ONE WHO IS NOT A TALKATIVE: Women who are talkatives are a complete turnoff to most men
because most often they talk so much and fail in listening to the voice of their husbands. Women who also have no control over their mouth, one that is loose with her tongue in speaking and goes about discussing private family issues with all and sundry and gossips are a displeasure to most men.

WELL BEHAVED: Men love women who are well behaved right from their father’s house and in public,women who comport and conduct themselves properly in the presence of family and friends and not women who pretend to be well behaved around the man and in front of his eyes in order to get his attention and then turn around to be someone entirely different when he is not around, she must be able to take care of the home decently, neatly and in a well tidied manner.

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