You Owe No One But…

You Owe No One But…

Your life is not meant to be lived to please people. Your existence is not a trade to satisfy any human. You are not to prove any point to any man. You are not a compromise of others standards!

But you owe yourself explanations for the decisions you make. You are indebted to yourself as much as to your believes. Even if no one is asking you why, you should be questioning yourself.

Would you be able to say you did it? Would you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you gave your best? Would you say you have done enough? Would your children be proud to carry on with your name?

Really you owe nobody but yourself: to live a good life, to succeed, to touch lives, not to give up, to become a standard to coming generations, to attain a status of legend and never to lose your faith!

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