Creating Opportunities

Creating Opportunities

The ultimate goal of all individuals is to be successful. Success may come in different forms, shapes and sizes for different individuals but one thing is common, we all want to be successful. Success blindly put is attaining a desired “end” point, be it; wealth, affluent, salvation, career height etc.

Put mathematically, success can be defined thus:

Success = Preparation + Opportunity

Hence there are two main ingredients of success 1. Preparation (dependent) and 2. Opportunity (independent).

Preparation: is entirely dependent on us, the skill we have chosen to grow/develop out of the abundant skills open to us. It might be via academics (skilled professional) or talent (unskilled professional) but whichever we choose, we have to be vast in it, learn all its antics and understand its merits and demerits. I believe anyone who wants to be successful, would spend ample time preparing.

Opportunity: this is where we are going, it is that independent variable of success which we can not entirely control but which we can increase it’s probability of occurrence. If you are well prepared but you don’t have the opportunity, you would not be successful. Opportunity is that factor, that makes a 3rd class more successful than a 1st class, that same factor that makes the least talented earn more than the better ones.

O P P O R T U N I T Y!

How Do You Create Opportunities?

Opportunity like I said can not be controlled but its probability can be increased by doing certain things:

1. Socializing with the right people: to increase the probability of having the opportunity you have been preparing for, you need to associate with the right people. Build an army of connections. Mostly people in your area of interest, people who are better placed than you and people who understand the dynamics more than you do. I have not said you should look down on people below you, what I am saying is, use the 80:20 principle. Give 80% of your attention to that 20% of your contacts that can change your life positively.

2. Good placement: you need to be well placed to attract opportunity. Have you ever wondered why there are more people on the streets of Lagos and New york…people see this places as the land of opportunities. You need to perfectly place yourself. For example, if you are trying to attract a professional football coach, you don’t go and sit in a library, you have to be at the stadium 24/7 for you to be spotted.

3. Be daring and obvious (Stay Visible): you must be daring, take up challenges that most people would try to avoid. Speak when everyone wants to be silent and when they all choose to speak be silent and listen to their folly. Bottom-line, be obvious to the blind; ask questions and keep your mind open. Let people know and identify you with that thing you want to be, carve a niche for yourself, and when they think of that thing, your name would always come to mind.

4. Have a positive approach to all things: you must be positive at all times, this doesn’t only give you a winning mindset, it also gives you that charming look that everyone wants to associate with. Use words like; I can do it, I am the best, nothing is impossible etc all these affirmation are soul lifting, self convincing and would also attract the right opportunities.

5. Faith: faith is calling to being what is not yet in existence as if it had existed. People will tell you opportunity comes from God, I agree, so if I were you I’ll make Him my best friend. Or if what you believe is luck, that’s good too, always feel lucky. My point, whatever you believe; God, luck, grace, favor, yoga etc add faith to bring to reality what you desire.

Success is not by hardwork or preparation alone, you need opportunities to show the stuffs you are made off…make the opportunity come!

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