An Average Man

10 Things About an Average Man

1. Average man can not know. He needs you to tell him what you feel and how you expect him to treat you.

2. An average man can learn but cannot be changed. He is willing to adjust his ways to please you but not to give up the things he loves because you say so.

3. To an average man looking for a woman to marry is like a project and like any project once it is attained you want to move on. Hence, he may not pamper you as much as he did when he was chasing you but it does not mean he loves you less.

4. A man can have sex with a woman without loving her. Sex is more of an activity to a man than a commitment thing.

5. Men take advantage of loose girls but would forever appreciate a woman of standard, even if he never gets her, he won’t forget her.

6. Man would negotiate with you before sex but after sex that bargain power is lost. The more frequent the sex the lesser your power to bargain with him.

7. Secretly most men want to see their mother in their wife and often tend to compare. Don’t try to fight him on that or belittle his mother, just keep being yourself.

8. A man in love can deny himself everything to be with you forever also man interested in your body can give you everything to have a taste.

9. Men want to be seen with sexy, party loving and hyper-active ladies but wants to marry a beautiful God fearing purposeful woman.

10. An average man wants to be cared for like a baby, respected like the boss and watched out for like the prince.

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