What Works For Me

What Works For Me

Watch your thoughts, they eventually become your life

Be careful with your words, they remain alive even when you are no longer there to defend them

Protect your heart, don’t make it an open door for all comers, be sure to give to only people who deserve it.

Love all, trust few and wrong none

Chose your friends carefully, they say a lot about who you are and how far you will likely go in life..

Time is very important, it only comes once, a lost time can never be regained.

Say good things about your boss, teacher or employer, they are the foundation for your success story.

Be satisfied with what you have but never stop searching for what you need.

Desires, wants and fantasies are not needs but mere luxuries, don’t let them dictate the tune in your life.

God first, family second then make money and don’t stop.

If you must leave people make sure you leave them better than you met them.

Don’t be too shy to ask for what you need, anyone can be used for your greatness but you need to ask first.

Take care of your parents, your kids are watching and learning from you.

Teach and take good care of your kids, so that they can give you rest of mind in your old age.

Run from things that affects your consciousness, reduces your self-control and compromise your judgment.

Say hello to people that come along your path, the next connection you need may still be out there.

Don’t blame your father for the things you lack or your mother for the kind of upbringing you have, you have enough years to make things right but few years to spend with them.

Give to people who can’t repay you, it is better for God to repay you than for man.

Don’t neglect the people you met on your way up, they are like your ladder, you may need them on your way down.

Learn to accept criticism with smiles and open heart, remember a candle cannot see its own foot.

Be humble in all ways, humility takes you to the heart of men.

Protect your pride, even if you don’t have anything, you should still have it along with your dignity.

Learn not to complain, but if you must, do it on bent knees before the God that can solve all problems.

Give to beggars, don’t worry about their genuineness, worry about God that is watching.

Be honest, the truth is the easiest way to fool the fool, be wise before the wise and be consistent all the same time.

Marry your friend, forever is much easier with a friend than any other person.

Listen for information but screen all you have heard on the filter of truth, never be in haste to believe, judge or conclude

Respect those who tell it to your face, not because of their courage but of their sincerity.

Obey simple instructions, they are usually life savers and a way to be God’s friend

There are no rules to living, just instructions to staying in control and staying alive.

“Thank you”, “I am sorry” and “okay” are very important if you want to be at peace with all men.

Watch what you love most, it could be used against you.

For every decision, there is an alternative, nothing is absolute just choices and better options.

Religion is good, try not to be a fanatic; too many mysteries, limited information and writers additions are just a few of the distortions to what you think you know or believe.

What works for me might not work for you but it is better knowing than being ignorant

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