The F-Factors

The F-Factors

So much has been heard of the x-factor, that trait in everyone’s gene that makes them special but the truth is, even after you have discovered your x-factor, you need to grow it before you can use it successfully, that is where your f-factors come in.

The F-factors are the main driving forces of existence. They include finance, faith, focus, fear, findings, friends, freedom, foundation to mention a few. However, this write up will only be talking about two extremes: Fear and Faith.

Fear simple put is the display of lack of faith. Fear is you and me afraid to take a leap of faith because rather than seeing the goodness on the other side, all we see is the ditch before us. Fear is not wanting to do what is obviously required because we are scared of an unexpected consequence. Fear is that loud thought that keeps echoing the possibility of failure after a good plan. Fear is the difference between staying put and moving on.

On the other hand, faith is keeping your eyes on the shore while walking on water (faith is miracle). Faith is ignoring your fears because you can see a clearer and better picture of what lies ahead. Faith is understanding that there are no limits to what you can achieve if you believe. Faith is knowing and acting “nothing is impossible”. Faith is the foundation on which testimonies are built.

”People like to think that the opposite of fear is courage, when in fact the opposite of fear is faith. When you have faith to overcome your fears, you realize you had courage all along. – Unknown”

Most of us have become slaves to what we now know as “the fear of the unknown” asking the what ifs questions; what if it does not go according to plan? What if I couldn’t continue? What if I lost all? What if he is not truthful… but the truth is if we don’t look beyond the what ifs, we can’t see the pure gold in front of us. Fear kills our courage to venture for what we truly desire, our “what if” questions are like distractions that brew storm that don’t really exist.

Faith is the answer. Faith in yourself, faith in what you believe, faith in the people around you, faith in the things that do not exist to the physical eyes, faith that calls to being things that are only in our imagination. Faith that do not see failed attempt as doom, faith that wants to stand up right away after failure, faith that realize that even when what he fears happen, he can still crawl back to the finish line. That is the answer to all our fears and that is all we need.

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