Social Media and You

Social Media and You

The social media has been the foundation of over 50% of relationships (romance and platonic) in the last 3-4years, with applications like 2go, Nimbuzz, Whatsapp, twitter and facebook, helping shy guys and girls break the ice, while also bridging the distance gap and expanding the horizon for friendship.

Like everything with positives, there are tendencies of abuse. The social media is at its peak of abuse now with various incidents of badgering, nudity, setups, blackmail and disgrace.

Here are few tips for an healthy social media use:

1. Before you chat with anyone, try and read their profile and few of their previous activities. That way you have an idea of who you are talking to.

2. “Can I know you” should not be your first phrase if you are trying to build a relationship. People tend to yield and tell you more when they don’t feel pressured or badgered. Let things come naturally!

3. Don’t send pictures you can’t be proud of to anyone no matter how much the plead and promise. If you don’t care about yourself spare a thought for your family.

4. Say only things you can defend when confronted, print keeps word beyond where and who they were spoken to.

5. Don’t put your problems or family issues as your status, most people don’t care and those that care can’t help, just tell it to God and people that can assist.

6. Be careful of how much information you put on the social media, not everyone there has good intentions. Information like phone number, home address, place of work etc should be on need-to-know basis.

7. People sound all too sweet on the social media be careful when you are obliging their request. Most are pretenders, inform people older before you make decisions like sending account details, visiting, sending money etc

8. Using false name and entering cute chatrooms seem a lot of fun but know where to draw the line between fun and reality. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

9. Watch the kind of sites you visit and the kind of links you allow on your timeline, there have been news of multinationals visiting applicants social media to find out their true nature.

10. Finally, be careful of what you contribute to, the kind of people you criticize and the assertions you make, with words (spoken or written) there is more to what one could expect.

Remember don’t let social media replace the good old fashion friendship, Stay safe!


  1. this quite a life saving piece.I have really learnt.”many people dnt care and those that cares cant help”this touched me most.


  2. this quite life saving.I have really learnt.”many people dnt care and those that cares cant help”this touched me most.


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