Black or Red

Black or Red

Two bosom friends Hay and Jay, lived in a small celestial town of Ray. These two friends had no reasons to fight or doubt each other before. They completed each other in all things and were the cynosure of all eyes. They were the standard for friendship and this worried Mr devil.

One day, Hay and Jay were on their way to work, when they met Mr devil (dressed in a garment one side all black and the other side all red). They greeted him and he passed right between them.

After Mr Devil went his way, Hay said to Jay, why is he dressed in all Black, Jay said no, he was dressed in all Red. They started a heated argument, called each other names like lair, cheat, dumb etc, said so many ugly things and that was how they ended their friendship.


1. Friendship is not about who is right or wrong but what you have shared. We need to overlook immediate wrongs because of past rights and future plans.
2. The devils is always trying to separate good friends through gossips, lies, deceits etc don’t allow him come between you.
3. Things that ends perfect relationship are often silly, learn to ignore them.
4. Most times it’s little from the devil, more from us (our attitude). Devil will pour the gasoline but we can choose to avoid fire.
5. Because it seem right to you doesn’t mean it should be right with others, be open to others view.

People that holds the power to help you are often those you see as arrogant, it’s the ploy of the devil to delay your happiness. Ignore the color and focus on the favor!

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