You Can Turn Things Around

You Can Turn Things Around

Stop complaining and whining about how bad or unsatisfactory your life is. I know some of your mates are better placed, people less qualified are better paid and people less devoted are better fed but do you also know that quite a lot are looking up to you, praying just to be as fortunate as you?

Likewise, those who are about to draw their last breathe would give a world just to have life like yours. Just as the man with no legs envies the man with no shoes, some people are also praying for miracles just to reach your current level. You have reasons to be thankful my friend and looking forward too, you have reasons to be hopeful.

You may not be on-top of the food chain but then, you are not at the bottom. So don’t batter your self to death over few falls and stumbles rather wipe those tears dear, enough of those long sighs and much ado over nothing. Buckle up! you still have your whole life ahead of you and definitely you can turn things around.

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