Who Are You? SWOT yourself

Who Are You? SWOT yourself

We all have been asked a couple of times but hardly has anyone given the right answer. When most of us are asked who we are, we say our name and few would add a reference or two; Example, I am Omotayo from Nigeria but then, is that who we are?
It’s said that “if a man has not discovered himself he can’t uncover his glory” are they saying some people don’t know their names? There is more to who we are than what are name(s) is/are. So again I ask who are you?

To discover who you are, you have to analyze yourself objectively; nothing hidden and nothing added. As an economist, I believe the best analysis for any event of discovery is the SWOT analysis. SWOT means
Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. By now you are asking, how does this work?

I’ll suggest you take a pen and analyze, start by asking yourself:

1. what are my strengths? Those things that make your unique. The areas that you know you are force to be reckoned with.

2. What are my weaknesses? These are your shortcomings, flaws, things that can bring you down.

These first two questions if well answered are the fundamentals of who you are, what you are all about, and your identity. After the first two questions are sorted, then you can fashion a way forward for your life, by asking these questions:

1. what are the opportunities available to you? Having known your abilities you can easily determine your capabilities. It is said that “successful men are not the best in their field but those that made the best of their opportunities”.

2. What are your threats? Finally you pin-point the possible threats to your goals, having your weaknesses in mind. With this you can work on how to move ahead and stay focus.

So now, who are you, honestly? It may take a while to comprehend this but I believe once you can analyze and truly discover yourself, the sky is just the beginning.

Dedicated to Klin Angel, a facebook friend I lost in the Month of June 2011. Angel, may your soul continue to rest in perfect peace (R.I.P) and May God continue to comfort the family and friends you left behind, Amen

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