Not Just Yet

Not Just Yet

Two friends survived a ship wreck but ended up stranded on an island with no food, no water and no means of getting off the island. They thought of different means to either get off or attract passing ship. They thought of making a canoe or raft but they had no real trees, they thought of swimming but obviously they can’t swim that far, they thought of making fire but there were no dry sticks to burn. Eventually they tired out.

By the third day, it had begun to tell on their health and mental state. One of them couldn’t take it anymore, he took of his clothes and drown himself. The other could only watch as he was too tired to utter a word less stop his friend from committing suicide. He thought of following his friend’s footstep but he told himself, “not just yet”. Few hours, after his friend drowned, he saw a ship afar, he mustered all the strength he could, took off his clothes, added it to his late friend’s clothes and with two stones, set the clothes on fire. The flame went up and the passing ship came to his rescue.

Whatever you feel you are passing through, whatever you might have set your eyes on but seem impossible, whatever target might have seem un-achievable, forcing you to conclude that the next thing is to give up, I am telling you today that not just yet.
Not just yet time to quit, not just yet time to give up on your dreams, not just yet time to resign to being pushed around by life and not just yet time to loose all hopes.

Do you know there are three main things life rewards? These are persistence, creativity and hardwork. Of all these three things persistence is the most important because without it the other two may go unnoticed. Persistence is your ability to rise after every fall, to keep working even when it is yet to be rewarded, to keep inventing even though your inventions are yet to be valued, to keep loving when it is yet to be reciprocated, to keep searching when it seems you can’t find and to keep pushing even when it seems it is not moving.

Dєαя friend, persistence is telling you today to give it another push, to give it another try, and if even after all said and done it seems you have failed and the thought of loosing hope crosses your mind, then persistence wants you to remember these words “Not just yet because you are closer than you know”

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