Why You Don’t Have To Get Angry

Why You Don’t Have To Get Angry

Anger is one of the major causes of stress, depression and loss of focus. Here are few tips to not getting angry

» When you loose what you really like…
Loss is very painful and most times heartbreaking but know that it is the first step to restoration and restoration is often bigger than the loss. So rather than get angry, pray and wait for the restoration.

» When you set things right and people come around to disorganize…
Neatness is a gift, planning and organizing is more of talent, not everyone is capable of setting things right and that’s why God has put you there to make it right. When you are not around they will miss you, So rather than get angry, just understand your gift is a blessing to them.

»When people only remember you when they need your help…
Just like the candle, often lit up when it is dark and we need light but the candle knows too well that it is better to be needed than to be neglected. Rather than get angry be glad you are a light to others path and that you could be of help.

» When you show love but you don’t get love in return…
Love works with trust, people will only reciprocate your love when they are sure they can trust you. Rather than get angry, work on earning their trust and you will see how much love you will get in return.

» When you are giving all (hard working) and you are not getting equivalent reward…
Know that reward is not from man neither is it according to hard work but from God. so rather than get angry or frustrated get close to God and position yourself for opportunities.

» When you are telling the truth and still no one is listening…
Yes it is the truth but most people don’t like it. It is not that they don’t believe you but they have chosen to disregard it because of what they are enjoying from falsehood. So rather than get angry, just be satisfied that you know the truth and hope someday they too will appreciate it.

» When you are being lied to by someone you trust…
People lie because they don’t want to look bad before you, some because they don’t want to hurt you or because they are not sure how you will handle it. Rather than get angry just know it’s human nature. Appreciate the truthful ones and forgive the coy ones.

You can add yours via comment, it will be appreciated.

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