The Key Called Woman

The Key Called Woman

Everyman needs support, understanding and input of the woman in his life to achieve and sustain success. It could be in form of mother, wife or both. Women seem to see what men overlook and tend to always understand the passionate side of things. Their softness/hardness is designed to balance the hardness/softness of men.

Some cry too easy, many love too quickly and tend to have faith without questions. Sometimes they fall for deceits but too often their pure heart overcome seamlessly. Their words are so passionate, too often backed spiritually because they are pure hearted, hence never to be taken for granted.

Let your mother bless you if you still have one, let your wife pray for you if you are married, get them on your side. Some Great men have confessed to going down before their wives, when they have erred. In the corner of their rooms they have asked for forgiveness, they get blessed and walk tall in the eyes of the public knowing that a true heart is on their side.

Don’t let anyone fool you that you need to boss your woman to be a real man. Real men get their wives behind them, successful men never forget their mothers’ words because they understand the powers in them. When things become too tough many powerful men have been known to push their women forward as ice-breakers, and seamlessly they command audience. So also when people want to reach men in power they go through the women in their lives because they believe they know how to reach the heart of men.

Men of influence have grown to appreciate, accept and adore the key called woman.

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