Where There is Will

Where There is Will

What distinguish men from other animals is the Will, the ability to make a choice and stick with it. A WILL is the express of intention which leads to series of actions based on desire, purpose, or determination, often to prove a point to oneself or to others. A Will is a driving force that even nature perhaps God has left in the hands of man. Like the saying goes “Where there is Will there is always a way”.

Thomas Edison tried 9,999times before he could get a long lasting light bulb. Abraham Lincoln tried all political posts and failed but he never gave up till he became the president of United State. Bill Gates’ first company Traf-O-Data failed miserable but he wasn’t put off now he is a success story. Nelson Mandela did not yield to threats and prison, he became a legend. “Where there is will there is always a way”

When you stay committed to a course, no matter the number of times you meet disappointments, you would eventually evolve to become a success. Even when the doors seem closed and all the windows are confirmed shut, there would always be a way out for a man with the will to go all the way. Where there is will there is always a way.

You can be what you want to be. See all your challenges as tools meant to toughen you for what lies ahead. Let all your hurdles be a spur to your greater height. Let your past failures teach you new ways of going about what you desire. It is not a loss when you fail, you are not a disappointment when you have made mistakes but you become both a failure and a disappointment when you quit trying.

You need a strong will to become a success and more than you know your Will will make a way.

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