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Where There is Will

Where There is Will

What distinguish men from other animals is the Will, the ability to make a choice and stick with it. A WILL is the express of intention which leads to series of actions based on desire, purpose, or determination, often to prove a point to oneself or to others. A Will is a driving force that even nature perhaps God has left in the hands of man. Like the saying goes “Where there is Will there is always a way”.

Thomas Edison tried 9,999times before he could get a long lasting light bulb. Abraham Lincoln tried all political posts and failed but he never gave up till he became the president of United State. Bill Gates’ first company Traf-O-Data failed miserable but he wasn’t put off now he is a success story. Nelson Mandela did not yield to threats and prison, he became a legend. “Where there is will there is always a way”

When you stay committed to a course, no matter the number of times you meet disappointments, you would eventually evolve to become a success. Even when the doors seem closed and all the windows are confirmed shut, there would always be a way out for a man with the will to go all the way. Where there is will there is always a way.

You can be what you want to be. See all your challenges as tools meant to toughen you for what lies ahead. Let all your hurdles be a spur to your greater height. Let your past failures teach you new ways of going about what you desire. It is not a loss when you fail, you are not a disappointment when you have made mistakes but you become both a failure and a disappointment when you quit trying.

You need a strong will to become a success and more than you know your Will will make a way.


Selah is a motivator with one thing in mind and that is to bring out the best in you. The basis of the teachings is that there is nothing impossible for a man who has God and who is dedicated to achieving results. Selah is an economist by profession and a life consultant by practice with wide experience in life, its values and expectations. Selah believes you are here because you need answers but know that it’s only God that can provide all answers and if you trust in Him, He would open your mind as you read through. Selah is glad you have visited this site, hopes you will continue to and hopes the site continues to meet your needs for motivational support. Stay blessed!

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