A New Approach

A New Approach

Imagine two teams needing just a goal to qualify to the next round of a lucrative competition, and in the dying minutes one gets the goal. Many of us would conclude that it is due to luck but believe me it is not. The difference is that something changed in the team that was able to get the goal, that thing is called approach.

At times we say words like; it is not over until it is over, nothing is impossible, God is never late, in the end all things would work-out for good etc but do we also know that sometimes even after saying these words nothing changes. The end would come in itself, the worst would still happen, then we will wonder where things went wrong, what was missing, probably ask where we missed it or ask God why me?

Friends, the same mentality that caused a problem can’t solve it, so also, the same approach that had failed us in the past won’t overnight become the winning formula. To turn the tides and make the ball roll our way, we need to change our approach, learn from the deeds that had failed us, consolidate on those that had yielded, and then chart the course for a new approach.

It is true, it is never too late; of course nothing is impossible but if nothing changes from our end, things might be heading the same old way. Change your attitude, stop day- dreaming and start acting, put your faith and hope to work, network your connections, take the bold steps, put everything that had been dormant into profitable use; these are the only ways you can make things work for you when you need them to.

Change, Challenge and be a Champion

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