It Steals Life

Our life is a precious gift from God and what we make of it is our gift to Him but by not attaining our full potential we rob Him of His glory and rob ourselves of a fulfilled life. So by now you must be wondering what steals life?

How many times in the past have thought of doing something but you tell yourself, “I will start the day after tomorrow” only to postpone the start date again? Those shifted times are the life stolen by procrastination.


Procrastination is one vice most of us are guilty of, we keep looking for the right time, right condition or right moment before we get things done but while in actual fact, all things can’t be perfect we have to create the perfection. Many people live a wasted life not because they do not have visions but because they kept
postponing the implementation of their vision.


Procrastination is caused by the following;

1. Fear of failure: many are so scared of getting the wrong response that they never get to try
2. Waiting for the right time: timing matters no doubt but things can
hardly be perfect unless you make them
3. Laziness: when you are lazy, you can hardly get anything started so you postpone
4. Lack of proper motivation: some
people just lack passion to achieve
5. Devil: the devil doesn’t want you to succeed, so he makes you believe you can do it later.

There is only one solution to procrastination and that is identifying it as a problem and treating it as one, that simple!
You can start by checking yourself, to which of the reasons above is most often responsible for your procrastinations, then attack that reason head on.
Whenever you conceive an idea, develop it immediately then start working on it, resist any thought to postpone it to later date for any reason.

They will tell you that procrastination steals time but believe me it steals more than that, it can steal one’s entire life, a whole future could be lost to one minute of procrastination.

Don’t let it steal yours!

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