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Dear God

Dєαя God

I am broken and I know only you can fix me
I am shattered but I know you have spare to mend me
I thought I could do so much all alone but now I know better
When all my wisdom deserted, I understood how foolish I must have seemed to you

I lift up my eyes unto you Lord, my provider
I put my trust in your promises to people that loves you
When abundance turns into lack, and so much turns into so little
I will not let my heart question your faithfulness

You are my strong tower when I need shelter
You are always there for me when there is none to turn to
When nothing works and it seems tomorrow will never come
I will not compromise nor stop keeping faith with you

My eyes are heavy, oh Lord, endless tears tearing me apart
My heart hurts and it seems to have lost its strength
In all these, I can’t keep my eyes away neither my heart far from you
For I know tears and heartaches may endure for the night but with you joy will come in the wake

God more than I can explain, my life yearns for you
God more than before, I need you now for Christ sake
Though I am confused and seem to have lost everything
God, I am sure I have you and through you I have everything

God you know it is not about the things I lack
And you know I am always grateful for the things I have
But because you know me, you see where it hurts and what I ask
For this reason I know and I believe, it is going to be alright

Yours faithfully


Selah is a motivator with one thing in mind and that is to bring out the best in you. The basis of the teachings is that there is nothing impossible for a man who has God and who is dedicated to achieving results. Selah is an economist by profession and a life consultant by practice with wide experience in life, its values and expectations. Selah believes you are here because you need answers but know that it’s only God that can provide all answers and if you trust in Him, He would open your mind as you read through. Selah is glad you have visited this site, hopes you will continue to and hopes the site continues to meet your needs for motivational support. Stay blessed!

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