Dozen Does It

If you don’t like it change it, if you won’t change then stop complaining about it. It is your world and you deserve to get the absolute best from it.

You may not make tomorrow so do it now if it needs to be done and if you eventually make tomorrow then you would have time and higher grounds to conquer.

Criticism is one of the most difficult things to accept especially from a known hater, yell back and feel good but in your closet make amends.

Learning can be stressful, reading most times is not interesting but they are necessary to earn good grades except you have other brilliant ideas like wanting to be a servant or a talent to sell.

It doesn’t take much to change the world but not something a layback can afford. Your choice, act now or layback and end up reading (if you can afford it) about those who acted.

You can blame your parents all you like, for who and what you are but if your memory serves you right, you will know some people without parents lived on the street and turned out just fine.

You don’t have to believe the preacher, you don’t have to listen to him if you believe you know better but be ready to show us evidence that your life is better.

Life is a bed of roses don’t let them tell you otherwise but don’t also forget that roses have thorns, so don’t get too comfortable.

When you have the Will, you have half the resources you need to make things happen. However, Wishes don’t count for Will neither does desire.

Pray! Even if you think no one is listening, you get relieved by talking to someone. The truth is we all need miracle and it still happens everyday.

Not everything is resolved by patience and not everything is destroyed by violence but patience solves more and destroys less. Wisdom in application is what we need most.

Plan with what you have, live within your means, when excess comes invest it first then when the profit returns you can spend. Don’t eat the last seed else there won’t be anything to plant.

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