The Main Ingredient

After long search, I have finally found the main component of success. Can’t believe at a point I thought success is all about hardwork, persistence and being dutiful. Don’t get me wrong, all these count for something but they are not the main ingredient.

Growing up, I was taught that I need to be very intelligent and focused to attain greater height but I guess I have grown to know better. I now know that most intelligent people ended up being used by less intelligent folks, who give them employees of the month with stipends in their pockets while the focused end up being frustrated because they have so much to exhibit but no chance to do so.

The way living is shaped, it gives one the impression that life is not fair and that good people end up getting hurt while bad people go scot free but now I am smarter. I know Life is fair, it gives back precisely what we put in, throwing us test once in a while to promote us to greater height and ensure that we don’t get too complacent. Life is focused on getting rid of the weak once while creating a triangle, where few make it to the tip, where it matters most.

Success my friend is all about Grace. I have seen many hardworking people become successful likewise I have met numerous successful lazy people but one thing they all have in common is that at a point in their life they were favored. Now some may call this a stint of luck, the turning point, an amazing grace, a devine encounter or a proceed of past hard work…but to me it is Grace.

The grace that just turn things around in one’s favor. The grace that guides one to the right person, the grace that ensure one is picked amongst multitude with similar competence. The grace that makes one the only choice, a must wait for, one with the only reasonable idea or producer of a must buy product. The grace that makes everything one touches turn to gold. A one time grace that changes one’s story forever. Yes! that kind of Grace…

I would still be hardworking, I would still strive for intelligence and neither would I loose focus. I will establish the right contacts, I will preserver and I won’t forget to be diligent. I promise to take everything life throws at me as positive as I can and never to get carried away by happenings of the moment. But above all, I will seek the Grace, that devine favor, that extra blessing which moves an ordinary man to the realm of the extra-ordinary.

I suggest you do so too!

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