The Best Day of My Life

The Best Day of My Life


I want to make today the best day of my life
I want to light up every dark paths in my past
I want to make rainbow for every stormy weather
I want to make sunshine for every dark cloud
To replace every frown with a big smile.


I want to make the best of every plan I have ever had
I want to start things I have long dreamed of
I want to finish things I have long started

I want to welcome new dreams in place of the old ones
To be the example of success that I have always wished


I want to make today the best day of others’ lives
I want to help the lost child find her way home
I want to tell the lonely beggar, “all will be well”
I want to let the old folks know, it’s not the end
To leave my lasting impression on the foot of history


I want to head for my bed knowing it’s been my best day

I want to look back and know I have given my best
I want to be able to say I couldn’t have done better
I want to close my eyes knowing if it were to be my last
It would have also been the best day of my life

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