Fair is Fair

Fair is fair

Few days back to my surprise I got the news that a colleague’s nude pictures were posted on the net. Sad as the news was, i wasn’t sad nor felt pity, i was just puzzled, series of thoughts ran through my mind and multiples of questions with no concrete answers.

If this was the price of her foolishness isn’t it too much? What could have led a woman to sharing her nude pictures; could it be greed, desperation or naivity? I wondered how many more would have trusted blindly and had fallen into same trap? What would the guy have gained by trying to destroy the lady? Would ladies ever learn or would they just keep blaming men for what they could avoided?

The gist was that the guy posed as ‘Obafemi Martins’ (nigerian footballer), met the lady on facebook professed love and requested for her nude pictures in order to decide if he will marry her. Only to get the pictures and start asking for money or else he would release the pictures to the public. Now the rest is history.

Love is so many things but it is not an exhibition of ignorance, stupidity and foolishness. As much as love can be found in the most unexpected places one still need to ask questions and consult people. No one is the smartest but people who share their problems and dilemmas hardly regret their decisions.

Social media, internet, has broken so many barriers and yet it has created so many problems. People with cruel intensions, sounding harmless behind the keyboard and lots of naive though often stupid and greedy people fallen victims.

Be wise, be smart, ask questions, don’t be greedy, stop looking for shortcuts, be open but not gullible, remember it is not only about your name but your family name is also on the line as well as their dignity.

Know that fair is fair, whoever want equity must come with clean hands and whoever wants to be treated with respect must not have sold himself/herself cheap.

Ps. Read my post on social media titled “social media and you” for more information on how to stay safe on the internet.

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