Self Belief

Self Belief

“It is not what people call you that makes you who you are, it is what you call your self that defines you.”

A champion becomes a champion not the day he wins his first gold medal but the day he starts seeing himself as a winner. In football (my favorite sport), it is not enough for a team to have good players, the players must have that winning mentality and believe in each others potentials before they can attain success.

Self-belief! As a success story in the making, you need to believe you can be successful. It pains me when I ask people “why didn’t you try that?”, and the response I get is “I don’t think I can do it”. I understand we all have capabilities but it is not for us to set limits for ourselves. Take boxers for example, before a fight everyone talks tough, trying be in the proper frame of mind and create a winning believe, because they know nothing motivates more than self belief.

Some say self-belief involves naming it and claiming it, I quite agree. Sometimes you have to repeat some words to yourself till you start believing them like; I am a success, I am the best, I can make it, there is no stopping me, I can do this etc and before you know it, it will stick in your subconscious and you will become what you call yourself. A preacher once said if you call yourself old, wrinkles will look for you, if you call yourself doomed, damnation will come look for you and positively so if you call yourself blessed, great success will locate you.

Don’t conceive defeat even before you are faced with challenges, always have that mentality that you can do all things. You can never know your limits till you have tried and even if you fail, it still doesn’t mean you have reached your limit often times it means you need to stretch a bit more.

Believe in yourself, test new limits, speak works of faith into you life, even if you think you are satisfied think of those you can help with a little more extra.

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