Do What You Love

Do What You Love

“Do what you love and never work a day in your life”

Passed down to us is the wrong notion that to be successful we need to go to school, come out in flying colors and get employed. I can’t fault those who passed this notion down to us because they were limited by the information available to them. Have you taken time to look around recently? If you have, you would have seen that what are being celebrated now are talents and skills and not qualifications and good grammatical tenses.

Scholars often get the good jobs like was promised but how many good jobs guarantee fame and fortune? It is said that salary feeds you but owing your own job gives you enough to feed others. Get close to most salary earners before the end of a month they are already broke waiting for another salary. J M Keyes, said in one of his write ups, that salary is to ensure a worker has enough to keep him coming back for more (modern slave trade if you ask me).

When you don’t build your own fortune others will hire you to build theirs. Time has gone pass getting a good grade and a good job to succeed. To build a fortune these days you need to identify what you are good at and go into it. Don’t get me wrong, not all would be able to identify what they good at, of course if all do, who would serve the successful ones. However, the fact remains that we are all unique and blessed with something special. We can’t all be footballer, artist, artiste, musician, designers, consultant, writer, business mogul, programmer but we can be so many other things that will set us apart.

Many have great plans but would tell you they need to work for some time to earn capital to start but most never get to start. Some pay are so handsome they give illusion of success, you will relax and think this is the life but my friend illusions never change to something real. No pay can be comforting as the one assured by what you set up yourself. Little wonder it is said that “Do what you love and never work a day in your life”

Academics is the background of being able to relate with the modern world it will be a fatal error for anyone to take it with levity. However in the end, finding what you are good at, developing it and doing it profitable is what will take you to your dream. You might need to start very (very) small but with persistence you would make it big and most likely employ those brains you knew in school who couldn’t figure out what talent they possess.


  1. Yeah……have once tought so tooo,but there are quite numbers of jobs that the pay is something close to wealth…..vice versa.


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